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Why I chose to be a DC

It’s time to get reeeeal personal here! Let’s put the person behind the credentials and let you understand what fuels my website content, courses and mission.


My name is Dr. Elizabeth Farrell Wray, DC and I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, located in San Diego California. I grew up in a “wellness” lifestyle as aspired by my father, the triathlete. I watched him train and compete in Ironman competitions since I was a child. My first triathlon was with my brother and sister at age 11. We were the weird children that had brown (wheat) bread for our school lunches, we had to stir our peanut butter and instead of Oreos we could only offer rice cakes as an after-school snack to our friends. Our spring breaks and family vacations were usually geared around my dad’s next triathlon or bike event. We spent multiple summers as a family being a support vehicle for relay bike races across Washington state as well as riding portions of it. My dad owned a bicycle shop and so our “family vehicle” was a mobile bike repair shop. Today when I walk into a bicycle shop, the aromas and sites bring back a flood of childhood memories. The entire family went to a chiropractor for regular preventive care to aid in the common childhood growth and sports injuries. I was the kid that was confused why other kids didn’t go to a chiropractor and would comment to my mom after doing a header in soccer that “I feel like I should go see Dr. Sharon”.

Now looking back, I realize how fortunate I was to grow up with a taste for nutritious foods, always have healthy activities or sports as an outlet, proactive parents when it came to spinal health and a constant flow of inspirational athletes around me. I believe it was my constant interaction with health and wellness that attracted me to go into the healthcare field “when I growup”. The whole “when I growup” thing really came to focus at age 12 when I decided to do a science project on the skeletal system, as suggested by my chiropractor (now a close family friend). When she spoke about the skeletal system, I was so enthralled and was absolutely fascinated by what a marvelous machine the human body is. I had come across something that I was very excited to learn about and found my calling. After that, at 12 years old I decided I was going to become a chiropractor and help people continue to thrive within their own marvelous machine.

Over the years I have combined my wellness lifestyle from childhood into adulthood and onto my patients. I am so grateful to have found a career I am passionate about. It’s an amazing thing to give a service to people that will allow them to feel better, move better and live better.


Take Care! - Dr. Liz

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